Horizon Mirage Settings Utility

In my new role I have been doing a lot of Horizon Mirage demonstrations.   Mirage is designed to run in the background and not affect end-user performance.   This is great for end-users,  while administrators are deploying base layer updates,  etc. – but it makes it difficult when trying to demonstrate the product quickly.   In digging through the Mirage .xml configuration files, I found the settings that enable the client-side throttling.

To enable me to better demonstrate things such as base layer updates, XP to Windows 7 migrations or simply centralizations, I wanted to be able to speed up the process.   I wrote an application in VB.net to accomplish this.   The application allows you to enable or disable the client side throttling and essentially allow the application to run at full speed.   It also allows changing the Mirage Server, which is something I do often in lab and for demonstrations.

A screenshot of the application is below – please reach out to me via twitter (@chrisdhalstead) if you are interested, and I will share the application with you.    I am also very interested in any additional ideas for configuration parameters that can be added – so please reach out!

Mirage Update Utility

Mirage Update Utility

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