Horizon View Events Notifier

*Note:  The direct download and version information is available below

There were some questions on my team regarding how to send emails based on events generated in the Horizon View EventsDB.  The Horizon View Events Database was first introduced with Horizon View 4.5.   There is a great article by Dwayne Lessner on doing this using SQL and PowerShell (http://itbloodpressure.com/2011/02/27/no-desktops-big-problems/).  I decided to write something in vb.net that would allow this alerting external to the SQL database.

I wrote the application in vb.net and used the standard SQL client and Mail references.   The application has a settings tab which allows configuration of the SQL server/instance and username/password.   It allows you to test the SQL connection prior to starting the application.   You can also choose what type of alerts to notify on.  By default, only error events are alerted on, but you can choose to be notified on Warnings and Audit failures. You can also now choose how many minutes back you want to query the EventsDb.  You also set an SMTP server, port and an email address to send the alerts from.  You can add multiple addresses in the alert recipients field.  You can also test the SMTP connection by sending a test email.   All of the settings are saved in an xml configuration file, and the SQL password is 256 bit AES encrypted.    To start the application, simply click the start button, or start with the /silent switch.   The silent switch starts the application automatically and minimizes to the system tray.  Minimizing the application will also send it to the system tray.  By default, the application polls every 60 seconds for new events to alert on.  There is now a context menu from the tray that allows you to refresh now, show the full form and exit the application.

UPDATE – The application is available from the link below.  I have also added some new features.   There is a readme.txt in the .zip that details how to configure it.

Version 1.5:  Added ability to clear events, system tray context menu and how far back to query events

Version 1.6: Added Database Name field  and Table Prefix options for SQL configuration

Horizon View Events Notifier Version 1.6 Download:  http://goo.gl/WP7Vnt


Horizon View Event Notifier – Alerts


Horizon View Event Notifier – Settings


Horizon View Event Notifier – System Tray

Starting the App

Starting the App

Stopping The App

Stopping The App

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26 Responses to Horizon View Events Notifier

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  2. Matt Villilo says:

    Looks like an awesome app. If I don’t have twitter, would you still share it?

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  4. Mike says:

    THANK YOU! An incredibly useful tool for sure!

  5. Thank you, very useful tool.

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  7. radam says:

    Cannot connect to SQL server? (all data is correct, tested and used for View Events under View Administrator Console)

    • Are you using standard SQL port 1433 or dynamic ports? Also, make sure there are no firewalls between where you are running it from and the SQL server. Can you try running it on your connection server and make sure you can connect from there? Thanks

  8. Craig Tompkins says:

    Any change this could be configured to run as a service on say the composer server?

  9. Craig says:

    Thanks Chris, this will make monitoring/managing View much easier.

  10. Meik says:

    Hi Chris, nice Tool i the an know Problem with other Languages ? I get an Error “Unknowen Object” view_events.dbo.event or is there a Problem with an underscore in the DB Name ?

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  12. Ryan says:

    Awesome tool Chris! Are you taking feature requests? Ability to filter events based on user, pool, etc?

  13. Artomas says:

    If this program could be configured for specific Error Events only …ie…Pools not provisioning — It would hands down be the greatest thing ever written!

    Great Job! Perhaps even a feature addition?

  14. Michael says:

    Do you plan to create also a windows service?

  15. Simon says:

    When is it possible to start the program as a Service? Is it possible to start the pool automatic when open the program?

  16. neimapdc says:

    Can you add SMTP authentication?

  17. Paul says:

    I’m running Horizon View 6.2 and getting this error “Invalid object name “ViewEvents.dbo.event”.

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